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We can't wait to see Pickering through your camera lens! We are looking for photos that embody the following:

  • Nature

  • Wildlife 

  • Diversity and Community

Please use the Photography Submission Guidelines below to ensure that the photos you submit are contextually relevant and technically high-quality. Selected photos will be used to create a calendar and all profits will go to ​St. Paul's on the Hill Food Bank.

Nature Photographer

Photography Submission Guidelines

Conditions of Entry

  • Photo submissions are open to anyone residing in Pickering.
  • Photos must feature the people, wildlife or landscapes of Pickering.
  • Photos must be the original work of the photographer who enters the competition.
  • Entries from persons aged under 18 must have signed parent/guardian consent.
  • It is the responsibility of entrants to obtain the permission of the persons/subjects in the photograph.
  • Multiple entries will be accepted, however, only one image per photographer may be selected.
  • Photographs should be recent and none taken before January 1, 2018 are eligible.
  • Selection Committee decisions will be final.
  • Entries to be submitted via the website form. Each photograph must have a title and a short description (e.g., location)
  • Filenames for the photos should contain the entrants’ name and image date.
  • Entries for the 2020 competition will close on Friday, July 31, 2020.
  • Submitting the entry form constitutes acceptance of all these conditions.

Technical Guidelines

  • Resolution: minimum 300 DPI and up to 15MB file size.
  • Format accepted: JPG
  • Single image photos should be entered (no collages).
  • If you use a camera phone:
    • change the settings to the highest possible quality setting
    • export the media off your phone at the largest size
    • do not distort the image by applying photo filters or effects
    • do not attempt to increase the size of an existing image using filters or software. This will not improve the quality or make it appropriate for printing

Getting the perfect shot: do's and don'ts

To avoid common practices that reduce quality:

  • Check the focus! Is your camera focusing on the main subject of your image or somewhere else?

  • Low light or wiggly children can make photos blurry.

  • Avoid taking photos with clothing or objects that have visible logos, cartoon or video characters, or inappropriate sayings on them.

  • Avoid using your camera's built in flash; it washes out the image and creates dark outlines and cast shadows.

  • Make sure your photos aren't too dark.

  • Faces and images taken straight on (not above, looking down) are the most engaging.

  • Avoid zooming in too closely or standing too far back.

  • Avoid distracting or cluttered backgrounds.

Use of Selected Photos

  • Photographers will be credited wherever the selected images are used.
  • By submitting the permission form, the entrant grants permission to the Selection Committee to copy and publish their submission (including any photograph or text) or part of it for any purpose relating to this photo competition. Your work may be published on our webpage, Facebook and other social media sites or in print or digital publication.
  • Entries for the 2020 competition will close on Friday, July 31, 2020.
  • Submitting the entry form constitutes acceptance of all these conditions.

Submitting a Photo

  • Entries to be submitted via the website form below. Filenames for the photos to contain the entrants’ name and image date.
    • Example: JaneDoe_July14
  • Each photograph should have a title and a short description. Use the "Please describe your photo" section to enter these details.

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