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Please use the Photography Submission Guidelines below to ensure that the photos you submit are contextually relevant and technically high-quality. Selected photos will be used to create a calendar and all profits will go to ​St. Paul's on the Hill Food Bank.


Photography Submission Guidelines

What does Reiki mean & what is reiki energy?

Reiki is spiritual healing energy. “Rei” refers to God, the Universe, Mother Nature and “Ki” (a.k.a. “Chi”) represents healing energy. Reiki channels life force energy that supports emotional and physical well being. Even though reiki is associated with spirituality, it is not a religion.

What is Inspirational Intuitive Reiki?

Inspirational Intuitive Reiki shares God’s love through energy healing, allowing us to return to the basics and recognize He hears our requests and cares about our every need. Life may not always be easy, and we are often faced with challenges, but when we put God's healing energy in the center it all comes together. Healing starts when we lean into God and make the choice to have a positive outlook despite life’s circumstances. In the presence of your spirit team and God’s healing energy, together we will work holistically to balance the mind, body, & spirit by clearing any energetic blockages. As a result, you may experience a sense of clarity that places you more in alignment with your life’s purpose and journey. Supporting messages from your angels, archangels, guides, and loved ones will be shared in hopes of providing their guidance for your highest good. Although Inspirational Intuitive energy is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion.

How should I prepare for my session?

Participate in a quiet setting free from distractions or interruptions. You can choose to sit or lay down. Wear comfortable clothing & have an open line of telecommunication as session will take place via phone, Zoom, or FaceTime.

What should I expect after my session?

You may express feelings of calm or peacefulness, while others may share they feel refreshed or rejuvenated. Some have emerged from the session with a sense of clarity and focus. The experience is individualized and not the same for each person.

Are distant healing sessions just as effective?

There is no difference between an in-person or distance healing session. The energy healing is just as effective. Reiki energy is equally strong via distance as in-person.

Can someone join me for my session?

To keep this intimate exchange authentic and solely focused on you, our time together should only include the participant receiving reiki.

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